I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist based in Philadelphia who loves working with companies dedicated to having a positive impact on our world. As a designer with a fine art background I work with a diverse skill set to create bold and unexpected visual solutions working with print, digital and traditional media. I’ve supported organizations large and small in both in-house and freelance positions including Paper Culture, Rawk U School of Music, Delaware Fun-A-Day and Integrity Staffing Solutions whose B2B clients include Amazon, Target, Zulily and Jet.com. I approach every opportunity with enthusiasm, curiosity, tenacity and a dedication to grow creatively. My decade (and counting) of insight meditation practice keeps me calm under pressure and flexible if priorities shift. I value collaboration with clients and fellow creatives and enjoy cultivating lasting relationships.

Collaboration and building community have also been at the forefront of the non-design focused projects I’ve pursued. I was a songwriter and performer with touring bands The Hokkaido Concern (1999-2003) and Pony Pants (2005-2010), who each played prominent roles in their respective DIY music scenes. In 2018/19 I created and cohosted season 1 of the podcast Okay Time with my friends at Um Um Studios. I also serve as a volunteer peer-facilitator in two local insight meditation communities with weekly and biweekly commitments.

There’s no shortage of inspiration in this world. These are things I love to see, hear, taste or otherwise experience: quirky illustration, found photography, outsider art, punk music, black coffee, silence, curiosity, happy accidents, careful attention, patience, bravery and kindness.


Publication Design & Print Layout • Business Cards • Wedding Invites • Pre-press • Front-end Website Design • UI • Digital Ad Campaigns – Email, Landing Pages, Banner Ads, Exit Mitigation Popups • Illustration • Logos • Posters & Signage • Digital Photography • Digital Collage